Why Hire A Professional Photographer?

You may think that it’s ok to have your field workers take phone pictures of their work as they go and that will do the job right? Wrong. Your contractors and sub contractors are professionals at what they do, but they are not professional photographers. Even if they may have some basic skill at taking photos, hiring a professional Construction Photographer will assure that there is a reliable system in place for your photos. A professional photographer knows what photos to take, the right angels to take them and how to capture that image with the right tools. We provide high quality photography services that is proven helpful for:

  • Mitigation

  • Performance Reviews

  • Hearings

  • Portfolio Development

  • Marketing

  • Workforce Documentation and much more.

It’s good to know what’s behind the wall before the walls go up.

At Big Mouth Productions, we provide routine progress photo services on a weekly bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs and cover everything from pre-construction and progress to final cleaning. We also catalog your photos by date, locations, specific area so that you are able to locate any photo you need at any time and correlate them to your blueprints. All photos are accessible 24/7 to authorized personnel via a digital photo gallery and could be downloaded in high resolution quality.

Hiring a professional who can help you manage and maintain your photos is key to the construction business. This is what we do for you. Leave it to Big Mouth Productions. We can take care of all of your Construction Photo Documentation needs and we can also provide Construction Video Time-lapse services if needed.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • A Highly Skilled Field Photographer who specialize in construction

  • A Custom Categorized Photo Gallery 

  • High Capacity Digital Photo Hosting Platform

  • Online Password Protected, Secured Photo Gallery 

  • 24/7 Access To  your Files by Date & Location

  • High Resolution Quality Images

Our Photographers

Karwanna Dyson

Field Photographer

Over 10 years experience in Photography & Video. Skilled in Construction Photography & On The Job Safety.

Terrell Irving

Field Tech

Over 20 years experience in the Construction Industry. Skilled photographer, Drone Operator & Surveillance Install